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  Institute for Reactor Safety and Reactor Technology (Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hans-Josef Allelein)

Radiation Protection (L2/E1)

Dr.-Ing. Inga Maren Tragsdorf

The following subjects are specified:

  1. Sources of radiation, radioaktivity, types of decay
  2. Interaction of ionising radiation
  3. Dimensions and units of doses in radiation protection
  4. Biological effects of ionising radiation
  5. Measuring ionising radiation
  6. Calculation of radiation exposition
  7. Shielding
  8. Measures of radiation protection
  9. Laws and regulations concerning radiation protection
  10. Natural and artificial radiation exposition
  11. Non-ionising radiation
taking an x-ray picturex-ray picture of a ribcage

Course Prerequisites:

This course can be attended by students with completed "Vordiplom" in mechanical or electrical engineering or physics.

The lecture Radiation Protection is suported by tuiton fees. You can get information on the use of tuiton fees at our institute from Sara Beck. Further Information on the use of tuiton fees at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering can be found on the web site of the faculty.