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  Institute for Reactor Safety and Reactor Technology (Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hans-Josef Allelein)

3. Career Prospects

There are Career Prospects in the fields of:

Nuclear power stations, research reactors, irradiation facilities and facilities within the fuel cycle process can be regarded as nuclear plants. The fuel cycle process involves facilities for uranium enrichment, transport, interim storage, reprocessing plants and ultimate disposal facilities. The decommissioning of former nuclear plants has become a significant field of work during the last years. Institutions that are involved in the mentioned fields are power companies, manufactures of components, companies running power plants, government authorities for the supervision of nuclear plants as well as institutions for research and development.

Essential jobs deal with:

Apart from nuclear and conventional energy technology, graduates of this branch are able to work in all fields that require a profound knowledge of fundamental physics as well as special technical know-how. Therefore graduates of this field become fit to work in all areas of energy technology, especially those, who got familiar with conventional methods. It has to be mentioned that it is also possible to be employed in the field of regenerative energy sources or in the field of nuclear fusion technology in the future.

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