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  Institute for Reactor Safety and Reactor Technology (Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hans-Josef Allelein)


The study group CFD-simulation focuses mainly on the simulation of buoyancy-driven flow and transport processes. These are, for example, the flow processes in the containment in the event of accidents or the self-induced decay heat removal in the wet storage.
Within this context models are being developed and validated for reactor specific applications and phenomena. Especially mentioned should be model developments which deal with

These tasks are integrated into national and international research networks, such as the "CFD-Network for the Application of CFD-Procedures in Reactor Safety Reasearch" or the EU-Network SARNET-2 "Severe Accident Research Network" and other different projects such as OECD-SETH 2, OECD-THAI.
Apart from modelling, the study group "CFD-simulations" acts as an interface within IEF-6. For example, aided by CFD-computer programs experiments are calibrated, accompanied and interpreted. Within the frame of further development of simulation programs in Jülich in order to describe the thermo hydraulics in HTR core, CFD-calculations serve as reference for applications where no sufficient experimental data is available.

Exothermic reaction on catalytic element
Exothermic reaction on a cylindrical catalytic element and
removal of reaction heat via cooling agents (flow from right to left)
Recalculation of hydrogen recombiners
Recalculation of integral experiments on the
operational behaviour of catalytic hydrogen recombiners in the ThAI plant

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